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CODS Easter 2024 Production of Twelve was an adaptation by LN Chambers. It is part of the thrilling genre of courtroom dramas which has proved to be a popular long-standing staple. It's set in the suffocating environment of a single room with Twelve disparate people forced to come to one unanimous decision. Although this is a dramatic fiction, its timeless observation of the human condition is relevant to any age with the moral dilemma being recognisable to any audience.  Think of all the amazing legal and courtroom dramas such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Witness for the Prosecution, 12 Angry Men, Primal Fear, the Caine Mutiny, Kramer versus Kramer, Beyond Reasonable Doubt and we can also include The Merchant of Venice.


Our production is an adaptation of Reginald Roses' 1954 teleplay, 12 Angry Men for CBS studios. Rose wrote several variations on his own stage adaptation of his Teleplay. We have a wonderful cast taking up the cudgel to bring to life this exciting story. Courtroom dramas have not only been entertaining but have also helped tackle complex moral issues. Look at films like, The Accused - with Jodie Foster which explored the prejudices relating to rape victims, Tom Hank's in Philadelphia again highlighting prejudice in corporate America, A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson, highlighting the grey areas between military and civilian complexities. Our production is dramatic, funny and excruciatingly uncomfortable for each person holed up in the room.

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