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Directed By Louisa Nelson-Chambers.

Adapted by CODS from the original TV series

by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer

Directed by Louisa Nelson Chambers

Assistant Director - Katie Kember

Queen’s Hall Theatre, Cranbrook

Dates 14th to 16th April 2022

The Characters of Dibley


Robin Harrison

David Francis Matthew Horton MBE


Matthew Sims

Hugo Horton - Councillor, David’s son &Campaign Mgr


Jess Leaper

Alice Springs Tinker - Verger


Steve Smith

Frank Pickle - Council Secretary


Adam Button

Jim Trott - Council Member and Farmer


James Harper

Owen Newitt - Council Member and Farmer


Sharon Pickles

Letitia ‘Letty’ Cropley - Councillor, Church Warden


Siana Weston

Geraldine ‘Gerry’ Granger - Vicar


Sarah Hutchings

Housekeeper/Chorister/Wedding Crasher


Annie Hatcher


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